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How many sessions will it take?


For general sessions you can do as many sessions as you like or as long as you feel you have the life you want. For targeted sessions this will depend on the level of charge; this charge varies from person to person, it can be from one to a maximum of 6 sessions in most cases. Sometimes it is enough to remove a single block in a single session, sometimes many blocks per session in multiple sessions. However in every situation you will start to see changes in your life from the first session, and in various areas of life, because everything is always interconnected. For black magic elimination sessions, in 99% of cases, a single session is enough.

I did a session, when can I do the next one?


It will depend on what was removed during your previous session. If your transgenerational has been cured, and it's your first time,  then it is advisable to wait 3 months. For all other types of blocks 1 month. The more you go ahead cleaning and healing your energy and transgenerational system, the more the sessions. Although it is always advisable to wait a prudent time.

When will I start seeing the first results?


You can see positive changes in your life instantly in some cases; sometimes after 2-21 days. For more complex situations a few weeks.The healing has a range that can go from the first second to a few months. Transgenerational healings are already considered stable up to a period of 1-2 years inclusive. Although you will see most of the changes in the first few months.

The session is remote, will I have to keep myself free that day?


The session takes place in a non-presentative manner, Adriana ti will ask when booking the data in order to be able to connect with your energy system. So that day will unfold for you as you usually do, Adriana will go into meditation and do the work.TOSome sensitive people are able to perceive the moment when the work is done. After that Adriana will contact you to send you an audio file with the explanation of everything seen and healed.

Can I book a session for someone without their knowledge?


No. This goes against universal laws even if it is to do good. However, you can book in peace if it is for your minor children. If you book for someone at their unbeknownst to Adriana, however, she will find out at the time of the session, in which case the session will not proceed and you will not have any type of refundbag. 

Adriana will reserve whether or not to work with you in the future. Even if the work will be for yourself.

To avoid this kind of unpleasant situation, it's best for everyone to book for themselves.

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