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Energy therapies

All the problems that we can have in one or more areas of our life have their roots in our energy system, in the subtle bodies, in the aura, in the chakras or in the different layers that make up our being. In order for something to manifest or not manifest on the physical plane, it must first be created on the higher planes. Finding those blocks and releasing them is the essence of this therapy.


During your session, based on your energy needs, Adriana will make use of the following techniques, being able to use 3 or more of these therapies in a single session. The therapy takes place at a distance and in a non-presentive way (for energy there is no distance or time). Once finished you will receive a file with an explanation of the one seen and healed, Adriana will be available for clarifications, doubts and in your post-healing path. 

Legal notice: these sessions are purely energetic, they do not replace the medical or psychological care that a person needs.

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Akashic healing

Akashic healing refers to the method created by the EMEDT in which, by connecting with the Akashic records, the necessary information is obtained on the different types of energy blockages that the person possesses in order to then proceed to their healing and elimination. These blockages create difficulties in daily life in various areas of life. Some of these blocks can be:


Astral parasites, negative thought forms, energetic bonds/strings with other people, promises, discarnates, leftover energies from traumas, phobias and so much more

Mental Therapeutic Radiesthesia 

Therapeutic dowsing allows you to develop energy evaluations with extraordinary precision. Gather information that is difficult to obtain knowingly and with traditional research methods.


Radiesthesia therapy also helps us to unblock situations and solve problems. Those that have been generally repressed in the subconscious. Such as problems during pregnancy, childbirth, early childhood, past lives or systemic effects problems (hereditary memory) among others.

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Vibrational Therapeutic Radiesthesia

Vibrational dowsing, also called physical dowsing, is an ancient practice that was reintroduced into this research field mainly by French and Swiss dowsers in the 1930s.

We can trace this ancestral knowledge into Ancient Egypt, and beyond, to a remote time unrecorded in known history.

The tools used today in vibrational dowsing, such as pendulums and special objects that base their properties on dowsing shapes, proportions and colors, among others, allow us to open ourselves to an ocean of vibrations that are part of us and in which we are immersed , allowing you to rebalance the energy fields, thus solving different problems and situations.

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Transgenerational Healing

This therapy is based on the study of the family tree and ancestors, it searches for the blocks on an unconscious level and on an energetic level that are interfering in the client's life and preventing him from advancing through a full and happy life, it helps to identify which types of loyalties have with one or more specific ancestors, often giving clarity to meaningless scenarios people experience, healing the family tree not only heals the person's life but also their descendants, children, grandchildren, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges. While it is a spiritual healing method, it can improve all areas of life.


SRT is a system of searching the subconscious mind and soul registers to quickly find and release discordant and limiting ideas and replace them with loving and supportive ideas and beliefs.

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Other Protocols

Antenna Lecher

Protocol by Ramon Grace

Soul Retrieval

Energetic cleansing of the uterus

Healing Past Lives

Relationship healing

Much else

"Thank you very much Adriana for the work done on my blocks! I found in this technique and in your abilities a great healing and resolving power even compared to many other techniques I had tried in recent years. I was able to see internal changes and also in practical life. You have also been able to instill in me the right tranquility and serenity to continue in my life"

Laura S

"Healing with you was the best thing I did for myself, with it I was able to remove blocks and limiting thoughts that I thought I would never get rid of and that prevented me from progressing in my daily life and especially in relationships. Aspects and circumstances have emerged that cannot be generic or simply "spot on", blocks and events have emerged that are so personal that I was even struck by hearing about them through your voice and after a few days I also had physical feedback of the change with healing of a problem that, even if not serious, hadn't gone away in the last 2 years not even with antibiotic treatments.

Natalie D

"Dear Adriana,  your energy work has already started to help me tremendously.

You touched on some negative energy concepts that had taken root in me that no one could have known but me"

Lisa D

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